Monday, February 10, 2020

Loneliness and Isolation in Different Media Essay

Loneliness and Isolation in Different Media - Essay Example The essay "Loneliness and Isolation in Different Media" discovers he Loneliness and Isolation theme in the context of Different Media. Slaughter makes the meaning clear from the beginning through the end that the persona in the poem is lonely. He intensifies the feeling by repeating the word â€Å"loneliness† throughout the poem especially in the first two stanzas. He further emphasizes the theme using repetition of the word â€Å"loneliness† in the last four lines of the poem. Note that the repetition effects to an alliteration and even to an exaggeration. In addition, as the lines of the poem highlight the theme of loneliness, they imply the idea of morbidity. Finding loneliness in everything that the persona sees in his surroundings, including the land, seas, etc., he expresses severity of his loneliness, thus making it appear as if he is under depression. In addition to the alliteration, Slaughter represents the feelings of the persona using his surroundings. He use s phrases with compound nouns beginning with â€Å"lonely† such as lonely trek, lonely mist, lonely spies, lonely circles, lonely tears, lonely cries, and lonely tears. He also adds compound nouns such as â€Å"coursing strife† and â€Å"flowing pain† to underscore the dilemma of the persona. Using images to represent feelings suggests Slaughter’s use of symbolism. The theme of loneliness is likewise expressed in Hopper‘s painting. The subject of this painting is a middle aged woman who sits alone, expressionless in a hotel, unmindful of the morning sun.

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