Monday, January 6, 2020

Communication Is Vital Organ Of Any Organisation - 1309 Words

Communication is vital organ of any organisation. Communication plays a significant role running efficiently day to day operations of the company. Communication practices in organisations play a decisive role in company’s success and failure (Fearn-Banks, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to explore Hynes strategic approach to managerial communication. The paper will further investigate a situation that depicts communication crises. For the purpose of the communication crises analysis, case study of Walmart has been selected to investigate deeply into the crisis and devising solutions for managing the communication issues. Managerial Communication Just as the organs, brain, eye, heart, kidney, liver and lungs are vital to sustain†¦show more content†¦70% to 90% of the manager’s time is spent in communication irrespective of the type of organisation. This is because, within an organisation, a manager is responsible for handling vast amount of information. Therefore, a manager should have strong communication skills in order to select most significant and timely pieces of information and should be able to sort from the information pool and to disseminate information appropriately. Although the communication is not an easy process and therefore, most of the time, the managers are face numerous barriers and challenges to overcome the hurdles and to establish a natural continuous and appropriate communication structure within the organisation in order to communicate effectively from the subordinates (Seeger, Sellnow, Ulmer, 2012). For effective managerial communication, the managers of the organisation should be skill full and should be well versed and well aware of the cultural norms of the organisation. For establishing the best communication channel within the organisation, understanding cultural norms help the managers to enhance the communication flow and structure of the organisation. The manager should also be well aware of the purpose of communication and should also take care of the quality of language and the receiver of message. The manager should also take care of the message content and should also have the

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