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Feminism What Is It Anyway Essay - 745 Words

Analyzing Magnanti Feminism. What is it Anyway? by Magnanti (2012) is a analysis of feminism. Magnanti highlights the key issues with feminism as well as states her reasoning for not being one. Magnanti uses many examples for how feminism is not inclusive and creates conclusions which prove her argument. This essay is an analysis of Magnanti’s article. It goes over the outline of her premises, conclusions, and argument. The second part is an analysis of Magnanti’s argument, which will go over any informal fallacies and false premises that Magnanti included in her work. The last part outlines how Magnanti could have made her argument stronger. Magnanti’s article is broken down by premise, conclusion, and argument. Throughout Magnanti’s (2012) article, she outlines key conclusions and premises about feminism. Throughout this article Magnanti explains one main conclusion about feminism: feminism is not inclusive; it only prioritizes one type of women’s concerns. In the beginning of her article Magnanti states â€Å"Loads of women don’t see mainstream feminism including them†. This conclusion was strengthened by her implicit premises â€Å"women are a diverse group† and â€Å"their needs vary widely†. The second conclusion Magnanti made was that â€Å"women have a hard time finding foothold in the movement too†, which was supported by three premise. The premises are women who are not able-bodied, those who are not born women, and those who are not white. Magnanti makes it clear that she does notShow MoreRelatedFeminism Is For Everyone By Bell Hooks And Men And Feminism750 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is Feminism? Feminism. The f-word. This word has many different connotations. The dictionary definition of feminism is the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men ( The simpler, more stereotypical, definition is policies that are pro-women and anti-men. Before this class all I ever heard, was that the stereotypical feminist is a woman who hates all men and everything about men. She probably does not shave (ever) and she is mostRead MoreKill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee1668 Words   |  7 Pagesyour head high and be a gentleman† (Lee 117). Lee demonstrates how Scout was taught to glorify and establish male characteristics and traits to receive respect and acceptance. This is also demonstrated by the shock Scout experienced when she realized what it takes to be a woman, â€Å"She seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen, and by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl† (Le e 132). Scout had always believed a woman was the worst thing to be, being aRead MoreWomen And Women During World War 2878 Words   |  4 Pagessmoother work. Women have a difficult time due to the fact that most men think that women are property, rather than a person. Therefore, women came to the conclusion that they do not want to follow the norm anymore because they know what they are capable of. The term feminism can be defined as women who want to be in the same level of equality in political, economic, and social as men are. Although many people misunderstood the definition, different strategies such as exemplification, comparison and contrastRead MoreI Dare Anyone Who Call Feminists Essay969 Words   |  4 Pagesrevolutionary movement of feminism by downgrading it to these few words. Those of us who identify as feminist know that these misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there are feminists who identify as lesbians, and others who choose not to shave their armpit hair. It’s their absolute right to identify as they wish, and to reject society’s beauty standards. However, I dare anyone who call feminists â€Å"man haters† to provide proof behind such allegations, so what is feminism? Are all feminists’Read MoreFeminism Types and Definitions Liberal1287 Words   |  6 PagesLogin Plans Pricing How It Works Courses Degrees Schools Careers | Register Search Courses Lessons Feminism Types and Definitions: Liberal, Socialist, Culture Radical / Sex and Gender in Society / Sociology 101: Intro to Sociology / Social Science / Courses Like? Feminism Types and Definitions: Liberal, Socialist, Culture Radical Video Quiz Congratulations! You ve reached the last video in the chapter. Transcript Start the Next Chapter Race and Ethnicity Definitions: SocialRead MoreThe World Of Social Media Essay1388 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst to give them media reports in 2011 then it spread to the U.S in 2012 (McAlister, Joan). Their movement sweep across the world affecting our minds and attitudes ultimately giving FEMEN exactly what they needed. Attention. Is it wrong that they used their topless bodies to do it? Or was it precisely what the world needed to wake up and pay attention to their cause? Numerous critics have expressed their concern, while their words are formatted in different ways they collectively represent an identicalRead MoreGender and Crime Essay946 Words   |  4 Pages extensive material which appeared in the modern period of high fertility. Of course the definition of what is a woman or a man by no means always straightforward. Since such roles and customs can vary and be modified it follows that masculine and feminine the terms applied to the respective genders are much more flexible than female and male. Feminism has raised many uncomfortable questions for criminologist and has been critical of mainstream criminology for itsRead MoreFeminism In Little Women By Louisa Alcott714 Words   |  3 Pagesthe Civil War. There are four girls: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. They live with their mother while their father is away fighting in the war. Little Women displays many themes. However, feminism is one of the important themes displayed. During the Civil War, women were expected to get married, and while Jo portrays feminism, she gets married in the end of the novel. This aspect demonstrates that even though someone wants to change the way something is, it cannot be completely changed because of society’sRead MoreThe Is The Damn Consistency?1505 Words   |  7 Pageshave been with older, intelligent or career-minded women. What started off as a complete lack of awareness and low self-esteem driven promiscuity in my colourful twenties (probably a result of authoritarian parenting from emotionally disconnected parents) eventually evolved into a more mature self-conscious reticence and humility towards women. Maybe this is the journey most men take through to middle age†¦ Anyway†¦ there’s a new wave of feminism that’s found its voice, and I think it’s here to stay.Read MoreWomen During The Civil War Essay1540 Words   |  7 Pagesgender equality thus paving the road of feminism. However, even in today’s world anti-feministic backlashes are still occurring in the sense of politics, workplace, and society. The bestselling author and journalist, Susan Faludi, wrote a book called Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women. Her book focuses on the progression of feminism, crushing myths in the media, and the statistical realities of women s stance in this world (Faludi 2). â€Å"Feminism can be defined as the advocacy of women’s

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